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About Our Texas Trucking Company

Bryan Parmer, LLC. has provided heavy haul trucking services since 1997, starting with one pickup truck and a flatbed goose neck. We continue to grow as a hot shot trucking company and now offer specialized transportation services including: Landolls (rollback trailers), lowboy trailers, goose neck trailers and rollback trucks for heavy equipment hauling. Our capabilities range from a standard shipping pallet all the way up to 100,000 pounds.  We transport all types of construction and farm equipment, oilfield equipment, and specialized hot shot loads.  Trucks and trailers are equipped with wenches for self loading capabilities, such as for containers up to 40 feet.

Drivers are trained in the operations of all types of construction equipment and pass company standards for safely securing different types of equipment and cargo. All drivers carry TWIC Cards and hold PPEs (personal protection equipment) and are evaluated annually. All drivers are fully licensed, certified, and insured with 100% safety records. We are a drug-free and alcohol-free trucking company in Texas, and a  new branch in Denver in 2013 for Colorado heavy haul trucking. Our trucks are maintained to impeccable standards. 
Give us a call – 713-569-2490.

Houston: Bryan
Denver: Martin