1.  Q.  What is your specialty?
     A.  Dedicated trucks for your loads, including all types of construction equipment, valves, oil 
     field materials, industrial machinery, and various types of packed freight for a dedicated 
     flatbed truck.

2.  Q.  What is the weight capacity of your heavy duty trucks?
     A.  100,000 pounds

3.  Q.  What is your area of delivery?
     A.  Local delivery includes Texas and Louisiana. We now serve Colorado and the
     mountain states as a local delivery with our newest branch office.   We travel all 
     across the USA and Canada.  Call us for a quote. 

4.  Q.  What is your track record for delivering on time?
     A.  We have a list of satisfied customers who will verify our on-time delivery.  Please call for    
     references.  We WILL meet your needs.  You tell us when the equipment needs to be there, 
     and we WILL get it there.  You do not need to build in an hour cushion.  We will be there      
     when you want it there.
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